Somare’s Sandals vs Suspected Cocaine Pilot

What is more serious: Michael Somare’s sandals setting off an alarm at the Brisbane International Airport in Australia, or an alleged cocaine pilot crashing into PNG sovereign boarders illegally? Were anyone of you pissed off, when in 2005, Michael Somare was asked to take off his sandals at the Brisbane airport when the sandals setContinue reading “Somare’s Sandals vs Suspected Cocaine Pilot”

72 Hours in Belden Namah’s Life: More than a nuisance?

How did Belden Namah go from volunteering to lead the State of Emergency as a Chairman of the Emergency Committee to arguing it is unconstitutional and invalid in less than 72 hours? But this is Namah-like, and you should not be surprised. But a much bigger question is, even if Namah appears to be aContinue reading “72 Hours in Belden Namah’s Life: More than a nuisance?”

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