PNG Book Review Series: Part 1 – Racism and Colonialism

After Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare passed away on 26 February 2021, many Papua New Guineans called for PNG History to be taught in primary, secondary, and tertiary level-education. We invited readers to submit reviews of books about PNG. In this series, we will be publishing reviews of books about Papua New Guinea, writtenContinue reading “PNG Book Review Series: Part 1 – Racism and Colonialism”

Senegal-look-a-likes with Malayan hairdos: meaning of PNG

We all have names, not of our choice, but at least every name has significance. You were named after a hero, a dear friend of your mum, or native language that has deeper meaning. It’s different if something or someone is given a name by a stranger, depicting some meaning that only the stranger knows,Continue reading “Senegal-look-a-likes with Malayan hairdos: meaning of PNG”

SANA – Tribute Poem by Yanamlyn Yana

Sana,the sun did not rise as it used toit knew it won’t shine on youthe heavens above mourned heavilyits tears rushing down streamssweeping away all in its waythe clouds are low todayas if they want to get a glimpse of youlaying in your bedto make sure it truly is truethat you are no more Sana,youContinue reading “SANA – Tribute Poem by Yanamlyn Yana”

Lazarus Towa: Managing 500 emails/messages per day

Before yesterday, I spoke to Lazarus just once. Sometime this year we met briefly, say hello and passed. That’s what you do when you meet your Facebook friend, right? But I’ve been hoping to speak to this guy. To ask him questions. We all know Lazarus is the guy who runs the popular “Current JobContinue reading “Lazarus Towa: Managing 500 emails/messages per day”

Bougainville Regional Election: Going backwards from the gains of referendum?

Let’s begin with a have a quick summary of what this blog is about. This is part two of the regional candidate Llane Munau, the lone female candidate’s experience contesting the recent Bougainville regional election. Earlier we published part one where the Bougainville people, particularly the womenfolk, asked Llane “where is our vote”? (vote bloContinue reading “Bougainville Regional Election: Going backwards from the gains of referendum?”

Where is our vote? Bougainville women ask…

This is an edited version of LIane Munau’s experience as the lone female candidate contesting the Bougainville Regional vacant seat in 2021. This is part one of two parts series where Llane talks about Bougainville women asking why their votes for Llane did not show on the tally when counting started. The Bougainville Regional seat,Continue reading “Where is our vote? Bougainville women ask…”

Solving PNG’s 27, 000 Student Problem: Online Learning & Open Campuses

“The greater evil is not that we are losing the best population of this generation: 27, 000 or so each year. But maintaining the status quo when we can do something about it now so the next 27, 000 don’t miss out…” Academia Nomad There has been so much said about the 27, 000 studentsContinue reading “Solving PNG’s 27, 000 Student Problem: Online Learning & Open Campuses”

2021 New Year Resolution: Incremental Change

I want to personally thank all of you who have subscribed, follow, comment and like Academia Nomad blog posts. This is the time of the year when people make resolutions for the next 365 days. I wanted to share with you a TED Talk video that may help you with your goals for 2021. ThisContinue reading “2021 New Year Resolution: Incremental Change”

Exclusive Club but low quality? Trend in PNG tertiary institutions

PNG’s tertiary institutions are becoming an exclusive club of the few, as the rest are pushed out of the system. However, with a dropping quality, the qualification will not mean much if there’s no investment. It’s the same as placing a limit (quota) on imported goods. Prices of products go up not because of theContinue reading “Exclusive Club but low quality? Trend in PNG tertiary institutions”

Bryan Kramer: 2019 vs 2020

PNG Minister for Police and MP for Madang Open, Bryan Kramer In August 2019, the Guardian Online News paper ran a story about the Police Commissioner of PNG and MP for Madang Bryan Kramer. The title read: “…Meet Bryan Kramer, Papua New Guinea’s anti-corruption tsar…” The subtitle called Kramer a “a rising star in PacificContinue reading “Bryan Kramer: 2019 vs 2020”

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