Terr’s Spoken Word: Epitome of Beauty and Intellegence

Epitome of Beauty and Intelligence – a poem by Mary Terriette Aseari read at the UPNG Pageant Night on 13 August 2021 “As each word I utter tonight  Leaves this red inked lips​ Signifying a white man’s mark I pray you won’t be disheartened  For every word that transcends out of this mouthpiece Is anContinue reading “Terr’s Spoken Word: Epitome of Beauty and Intellegence”

Social Experiment: Greeting 103 Strangers at UPNG

How friendly are students from the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) to strangers who greet them? Would they greet you back if you said “hello”? If they do, is it in a clear voice, or mumbling? And would they look at you whilst greeting you? We spoke greeted 103 strangers (defined as: students we’veContinue reading “Social Experiment: Greeting 103 Strangers at UPNG”

Job Hunting Expense: A thousand Kina process for PNG graduates.

Job hunting expense is the monetary cost looking for job. In PNG, where internet cost is one of the highest in the region, this can be very troublesome for young graduates and students in their final year of studies. Below is a story of how one young graduate, sJuritus Huriamboho, spent K1, 236. 00 jobContinue reading “Job Hunting Expense: A thousand Kina process for PNG graduates.”

Powes Parkop is right: privatize PNG Power

For three consecutive weeks, electricity in Papua New Guinea’s capital went off in the evenings. But this is not unusual for Port Moresby, a city dubbed “one of the least livable cities in the world” by The Economist Unit’s Global Livability Report 2021 in this week. Powes Parkop, the National Capital District Governor, where PortContinue reading “Powes Parkop is right: privatize PNG Power”

Good men still live at UPNG?

Drunkard students sexually assaulted a female student. On 7 June 2021 the female students protested against sexual harassment, which is an ongoing issue. They hosted a forum at the UPNG Forum Square to address it. The Media that were present to cover the story were attacked and chased by the male students who didn’t wantContinue reading “Good men still live at UPNG?”

Don’t Make History a Fairy Tale!

By Gregory Bablis| Plessingsing [Republished with permission] Cultures around the world have different concepts of history and of time. The historicity of a people or place crystallizes in many forms etched in the environment, landscape, language, stories, and material culture. Legends, myths, fairy tales, creation stories or origin stories are just some examples. They areContinue reading “Don’t Make History a Fairy Tale!”

Vaccines intended for PNG going to foreigners in PNG?

This photo by Joel Hamari from ‘The National’ newspaper confirms what I saw on 17 May 2021 at Rita Flyn: That foreigners dominated Rita Flynn, where vaccines are administered, to get vaccinated! The sad thing is, I wasn’t surprised when I saw many foreigners lining up for the vaccines at Rita Flynn – vaccines thatContinue reading “Vaccines intended for PNG going to foreigners in PNG?”

Haus Man, Let’s Talk About Violence Against Women

For those who don’t know, my name is Michael Kabuni, and ‘Academia Nomad’ is my personal blog. I’m writing this from my heart… appealing to my brothers, uncles, students, male colleagues and men of PNG to respect women, and value their lives. I’m writing this piece after reading how a professional PNG man who hasContinue reading “Haus Man, Let’s Talk About Violence Against Women”

Difference between state lease, certificate of titles, and customary lad

A Chinese company recently started evicting settlers at the “First Block” at ATS Settlement. This follows those evicted from 9 Mile Settlement. Clifford Zaneng explains the difference between State Lease, Certificate of Titles, and Customary Land. Basically, state land lease lasts for 99 years, certificate of titles leases lasts 25 years but is still aContinue reading “Difference between state lease, certificate of titles, and customary lad”

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