Does paying for campaign rallies amount to bribery?

By Alan Bird, Governor of East Sepik Province Is it possible to bribe the voters? I see some smart commentators talking about transport, food and drink being provided by candidates at rallies saying it’s wrong and constitutes bribery. First of all, I don’t believe our voters are stupid. Certainly not in Sepik. Sepik voters areContinue reading “Does paying for campaign rallies amount to bribery?”

Don’t compare Michael Somare’s PANGU with James Marape’s PANGU

PANGU save lo rot, or PANGU knows the way, is a motto made popular by the late Sam Basil. It’s a reference to PANGU Pati, led by the late Michael Somare, that attained independence for Papua New Guinea in 1975. In 2014, Sam Basil moved to PANGU Pati, which didn’t have any MP in parliament,Continue reading “Don’t compare Michael Somare’s PANGU with James Marape’s PANGU”

Case for female candidates: PNG Election 2022

Of the 983 PNG MPs elected since the first post-independence election in 1977, only 7 were female MPs. You’d hear voters say: female candidates should have good leadership qualities, have good policies, or they should be elected on merit. These are all good expectations. But here’s the problem: We’ve used these criteria for 47 years.Continue reading “Case for female candidates: PNG Election 2022”

Don’t be fooled: O’Neill & Marape are brothers

When addressing a crowd of Pangu Pati supporters on 27 May 2022 in Morobe Province, James Marape challenged People’s National Congress (PNC) leader and former PM Peter O’Neill, and his supporters to show to the country what they have done for Lae and Papua New Guinea during eight years in office from 2011-2019. Marape invitedContinue reading “Don’t be fooled: O’Neill & Marape are brothers”

Do young people who contest PNG elections understand politics?

Many young people are contesting the PNG 2022 national election. Some have graduated a few months ago with their university degrees, whilst others have been working for just a few years. Young people in PNG have been politically active since independence. The likes of former Prime Minister Pias Wingti left his studies at the UniversityContinue reading “Do young people who contest PNG elections understand politics?”

Alan Bird on Chances of Costal Prime Minister in 2022

By Alan Bird How to become PM in PNG I see the strong comments from young Sepiks and other coastal citizens for a coastal PM. So let me share my observations on whether this outcome is indeed possible and what it would take to achieve it. There are three ways someone can become PM: theContinue reading “Alan Bird on Chances of Costal Prime Minister in 2022”

Women Candidates: Avoid un-winnable seats

I once listened to a talk about challenges women face in elections. The case study was on the Oro Provincial Seat of 2017. I am from Oro so I listened with interest. I was disappointed at the end because the findings were not a good reflection of Oro politics. The study suggested that the femaleContinue reading “Women Candidates: Avoid un-winnable seats”

A man confident of his record: Alan Bird’s nomination speech

The PNG incumbent politicians are seeking re-election. Generally there are two narratives in their campaigns. The first group tell their voters why they didn’t deliver services (for non-PNG readers, PNG politicians are enabled by law to provide services apart from their law making duties). This first group blames O’Neill or Marape, depending on whether theyContinue reading “A man confident of his record: Alan Bird’s nomination speech”

Is there anyone good left in PNG?

The average incumbent MP turn over rate in PNG is 50%. In other words, about 50% of MPs lose their seat every election. This has been the case without exception since the first post independent election in 1977. This turn over rate is one of the highest in the world. 2002 is considered the worstContinue reading “Is there anyone good left in PNG?”

Bel Sore (Sympathy) votes and Sam Basil’s United Labour Party

There were many tributes written about Sam Basil, including one by Sam Koim, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue Commission, which was re-published here. In this article, I will talk about the impact of Sam Basil’s passing on the political party he formed in 2020 and was leading into the 2022 elections before the tragic accidentContinue reading “Bel Sore (Sympathy) votes and Sam Basil’s United Labour Party”

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