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Collapse of Golden Sun: Lessons for Papua New Guineans

Golden Sun has now collapsed, leaving behind tens of thousands of Papua New Guineans heartbroken and maybe a good number broke. What should Papua New Guineans learn from this? Used and abused so much, the phrase “nothing is free” has become a cliche. Unless your parents are giving you money, nothing in this Covid-19 strickenContinue reading “Collapse of Golden Sun: Lessons for Papua New Guineans”

My experience investing with Golden Sun

Note: This is a repost from an article written by a Golden Sun investor, sharing lessons. See link to his blog at the end. By Eddie Kabuni The internet has brought about many benefits, including the ability to make money online. However, it has also brought about an increase in scams that target people lookingContinue reading “My experience investing with Golden Sun”

7 must follow WEBSITES for PNG & Pacific content

The Pacific has been central to geopolitical rivalry in the Asia Pacific for a few years now, and emerged as the one of the highest recipient of foreign aid, but remains prone to natural disasters and political upheaval, climate change, and struggling with poor human development indicators. All these issues gives rise to countless researchContinue reading “7 must follow WEBSITES for PNG & Pacific content”

Golden Sun: A SCAM?

Context: Golden Sun is the next hot thing in PNG – an unbelievably easy way to make money through “investment”. But it has all the features of a SCAM. Below is a post by someone named Gabriel on Facebook, who has been engaged in e-commerce (including online payments). He did a bit of research thatContinue reading “Golden Sun: A SCAM?”

PNG’s High Unemployment Rate: How did we get here?

The Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby advertised that they would be holding a ‘walk-in’ interview for about 100 positions. More than 2000 showed up for the interview in early February 2023, and stood in line for hours soaked in the pouring rain. This comes after about 20, 000 applied for just 576 positions advertised byContinue reading “PNG’s High Unemployment Rate: How did we get here?”

Does paying for campaign rallies amount to bribery?

By Alan Bird, Governor of East Sepik Province Is it possible to bribe the voters? I see some smart commentators talking about transport, food and drink being provided by candidates at rallies saying it’s wrong and constitutes bribery. First of all, I don’t believe our voters are stupid. Certainly not in Sepik. Sepik voters areContinue reading “Does paying for campaign rallies amount to bribery?”

Don’t compare Michael Somare’s PANGU with James Marape’s PANGU

PANGU save lo rot, or PANGU knows the way, is a motto made popular by the late Sam Basil. It’s a reference to PANGU Pati, led by the late Michael Somare, that attained independence for Papua New Guinea in 1975. In 2014, Sam Basil moved to PANGU Pati, which didn’t have any MP in parliament,Continue reading “Don’t compare Michael Somare’s PANGU with James Marape’s PANGU”

Case for female candidates: PNG Election 2022

Of the 983 PNG MPs elected since the first post-independence election in 1977, only 7 were female MPs. You’d hear voters say: female candidates should have good leadership qualities, have good policies, or they should be elected on merit. These are all good expectations. But here’s the problem: We’ve used these criteria for 47 years.Continue reading “Case for female candidates: PNG Election 2022”

Don’t be fooled: O’Neill & Marape are brothers

When addressing a crowd of Pangu Pati supporters on 27 May 2022 in Morobe Province, James Marape challenged People’s National Congress (PNC) leader and former PM Peter O’Neill, and his supporters to show to the country what they have done for Lae and Papua New Guinea during eight years in office from 2011-2019. Marape invitedContinue reading “Don’t be fooled: O’Neill & Marape are brothers”