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At its core, PNG is corrupt

An Australian PhD student was conducting research on corruption in PNG and met a group of youths in Port Moresby. After a few exchanges asked them: “What is the root of corruption?” One of them pointed to National Parliament building, and said: “There lies the roots, the stem, the branches, and the leaves of corruptionContinue reading “At its core, PNG is corrupt”

Why you cannot run away from BSP

On Easter weekend, BSP unintentionally credited its customers an undisclosed amount of money due to a technological glitch as the bank attempted to update it’s systems. The customers received notifications on their phones. About 30, 000 people rushed to the BSP ATMs and withdrew an average K1, 000 each. Some then subsequently switched banks theContinue reading “Why you cannot run away from BSP”

James Marape vs Joseph Lelang Debate: Winners and Losers

Was it a debate? Panel discussion? Or church gathering even? Whatever it was, the interaction between the PNG PM James Marape and Opposition Leader Joseph Lelang, the first of its kind, was conducted at the back of massive fanfare. The student representative council (SRC) of the six universities of PNG put out statements stating theyContinue reading “James Marape vs Joseph Lelang Debate: Winners and Losers”

7 must follow WEBSITES for PNG & Pacific content

The Pacific has been central to geopolitical rivalry in the Asia Pacific for a few years now, and emerged as the one of the highest recipient of foreign aid, but remains prone to natural disasters and political upheaval, climate change, and struggling with poor human development indicators. All these issues gives rise to countless researchContinue reading “7 must follow WEBSITES for PNG & Pacific content”

PNG’s High Unemployment Rate: How did we get here?

The Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby advertised that they would be holding a ‘walk-in’ interview for about 100 positions. More than 2000 showed up for the interview in early February 2023, and stood in line for hours soaked in the pouring rain. This comes after about 20, 000 applied for just 576 positions advertised byContinue reading “PNG’s High Unemployment Rate: How did we get here?”

Haus Man, Let’s Talk About Violence Against Women

For those who don’t know, my name is Michael Kabuni, and ‘Academia Nomad’ is my personal blog. I’m writing this from my heart… appealing to my brothers, uncles, students, male colleagues and men of PNG to respect women, and value their lives. I’m writing this piece after reading how a professional PNG man who hasContinue reading “Haus Man, Let’s Talk About Violence Against Women”

PNG Book Review Series Part 2: Political Biographies

This is Part 2 of PNG Book Review Series. Part one covered three books on racism in PNG during the colonial era. Part 2 reviews “Sana” by Michael Somare, “Playing the Game” by Sir JULIAS Chan, and “Farewell Whiteman” by Ken Fairweather. Obvious omissions are Dame Carol Kidu and Dame Josephine Abijah’s biographies. These twoContinue reading “PNG Book Review Series Part 2: Political Biographies”

PNG’s Student Loans: Recurring Problems Since 2001

Student loans are not new to PNG, it was implemented as the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS) between 2001 and 2007. About 7, 000 students borrowed money from the state, but only ONE woman repaid her loan! The government went to the extent of listing more than 3, 000 names in the newspapers andContinue reading “PNG’s Student Loans: Recurring Problems Since 2001”

Would legalizing prostitution increase security for PNG women because it is better regulated?

“If we all become atheists tomorrow, you will still have kanderes [relatives] raping their nieces, ol man kukim meri lo name blo sanguma [women will be burnt alive in the name of sorcery]. Christian-nation/non-Christain-nation argument is nonsense. Our problem is twofold: break down in law and order, and kids raised with total disregard for women.Continue reading “Would legalizing prostitution increase security for PNG women because it is better regulated?”

Judiciary: PNG’s last defense against executive carnage, and a legislature on her knees.

There is so much conversation on Facebook on the decision of Deputy Chief Justice Kandakasi to summon Governor Alan Bird to appear before the court and show reason why he should not be held accountable for contempt of court. The governor is said to have expressed dissatisfaction on certain matter/matters before the courts. Justice KandakasiContinue reading “Judiciary: PNG’s last defense against executive carnage, and a legislature on her knees.”