Terr’s Spoken Word: Epitome of Beauty and Intellegence

Epitome of Beauty and Intelligence – a poem by Mary Terriette Aseari read at the UPNG Pageant Night on 13 August 2021

“As each word I utter tonight 

Leaves this red inked lips​

Signifying a white man’s mark

I pray you won’t be disheartened 

For every word that transcends out of this mouthpiece

Is an echo of what I’ve written 

Using the red blood ink of my heart

Where the bloodlines of my ancestors still strives.

My ancestors were storytellers

I pray I do them justice tonight as I orate to you this piece 

Now, they say Pacific Island Women are the most beautiful

If that is so then a Papua New Guinean Woman must be handpicked by God to be a reflection of  diverse beauty.

Beauty foretold by her crowning glory that’s been worn for generations

A testament that the creator had been biased when weaving this masterpiece 

Bestowing her with a crowning glory fit for a queen

Hair so dark, it resembles the black charcoals where her palms were used to bake sweet  potatoes

So thick, it defies gravity even the laws of science can’t explain it

Locks so soft and wavy like her foundation the Pacific Ocean, crashing onto the shore of her face   each time the Trade Winds blow

So blonde, I had imagined the maker had dipped her in the same liquid he did the sun, as there’s     

no earthly explanation for this natural phenomenon.

And no, she’s not just a beauty statement

She is an incubator of rich history 

Every genealogy memorized and written on her skin through tattoos marking her roots

She is a goldmine of diverse languages

Her tongue cutting through the air through chants still echoed to this day

She is a master artesian

Painting a story with every stroke she makes on her tapa cloth

You see, she is both beautiful and intelligent 

She is a symbol of her forefather’s actions 

She is a Papua New Guinean Woman“

The End!

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