Job Hunting Expense: A thousand Kina process for PNG graduates.

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Job hunting expense is the monetary cost looking for job. In PNG, where internet cost is one of the highest in the region, this can be very troublesome for young graduates and students in their final year of studies. Below is a story of how one young graduate, sJuritus Huriamboho, spent K1, 236. 00 job hunting.

“ How job hunting is financially stressful? If you do math on how much you spend looking for job it will surprise you.

On one of my single job Interview it cost me alot. Here’s my experience on how much I spent for the course. The financial expense includes:

I). K6 Rait Card – Job search via internet

II). K20 – Printing & Photocopying (thankfully it was Lae and cheap)

III). K20 – Scanning

IV). (Refer to I above) – sending applications

V). K20 Rait Card – Making follow-ups (by emailing & phone calls) VI). K20 Busfare expenses

VII). K1000 – ticket purchased for two way (Lae to Pom, Pom to Lae)

VIII). K150 – Living expenses in Pom.

So, for single job interview it cost me approx. K1236. Can you imagine if I calculate for hundreds of job applications I’ve applied for…it would be much more higher than this. Job hunting is financially stressful.

The more we apply for job, the more money spend. Receiving NO feedback on our applications it contribute ‘stress’ to our lives. Given the fact of corruptions, I think discipline and good attitude must be the center in recruitment. Too much focus is given on experience and good GPA.”

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